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Purchasing a home can be a very exciting time, with the excitement comes a little bit of stress. Our agents do most of the work behind the scenes making the experience as pleasant as it should be. Call us today. Ask us about our purchase and loan programs!
*Cash rebate is available to buyers who close a real estate transaction to buy a home using a sole and exclusive Bay Area Housing agent. The value of the cash rebate is equal twenty percent (20%) of the listing broker commission actually received by Bay Area Housing at the close of escrow for representing the buyer net of any deductions by Bay Area Housing related to the transactions. There is no incentive offered for property purchases of less than $40,000. There may be tax consequences to the rebate. The rebate is subject to revision or revocation by Bay Area Housing at any time without notice. This rebate is not available in the following states: AL, NH, OR, SD, TN, AK, KS, KY, LA, MO, MS, NJ, OK, RI, and WV. These states do not allow us to provide any incentive to the customer.

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